Allergy Statement

Please read carefully:  Gan Asia is a busy, fluid kitchen. We regularly use soy, peanuts, tree nuts, flour, vegetable oil, spices, sesame seeds and a host of other items that are known as potential food allergens. We also have fish, both white and red varieties, on the premises. There is neither dairy nor seafood in our restaurant. As in most kitchens, there is always a real possibility of cross contamination when preparing food.


At Gan Asia we wash our cooking utensils and woks after each dish is prepared.  However, even with these meticulous precautions, we still can never guarantee 100% sterilization of any utensil when preparing a dish. Additionally,  our staff is well versed in our food prep methods as well as ingredient lists but they cannot anticipate every circumstance.


Finally,  Gan Asia employs a multilingual and culturally diverse staff thus, despite every effort to the contrary, there is always the potential for miscommunication. At Gan Asia, we never want to turn away customers or business but feel that it is far more important that no one ever gets sick. It is our desire for our customers to be well aware of our cooking practices and the ingredients we use so that you can make a highly informed decision.


If there are questions you would like answered in more detail for potential future orders or for catering, please feel free to email us at nyceggrolls@gmail.com and we will try to give you the best informed answers we can.

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